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The Case of the Bone Bandit!!

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Oh no! It's a Dino-disaster! Someone has ransacked Mr. Quarry's fossil collection and it seems the conniving thief also took several of the rarest fossils.  He needs help finding the missing fossils and who took them before the grand opening of Pickledilly Museum.  Only YOU can solve this prehistoric puzzle, Detective! 

Detectives must find the clues, trail the suspects by following their daily routines on the map and piece together who the Bone Bandit could possibly be!


Tiny Mysteries may contain elements of bodily harm or real examples of harmful substances, situations, and/or objects, etc.,  due to nefarious characters, villains up to no-good, and mystery-themed content.  We leave it up to your judgement as parents, guardians, and caretakers to decide if it is appropriate for your child.